Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is Linbeck

So I have this friend and this is one of his favorite bands. I worked it out with his girlfriend, and I went to work making these shirts so that the band could wear them at the concert they were going to. Jolene gave Ryan a Happy Birthday card with this photo on it. Needless to say, he was blown away.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Part 2: Mission in Progress

Good morning, everyone. Production is going great. I'm really having a fun time now with the coloring process. I finished all the drawings last week, and am already 15 drawings in on coloring. This is one of the finals. This kid rocks. I'm setting myself some due dates.

The way I see it, I have until the end of the week to get all of them colored. And then the most daunting task will be editing them to the voices. But all in all, I plan on being completely finished by the 7th of march. Hopefully, things won't have any obstacles, and I can get it finished before even then. But that's the latest I'm willing to go. So wish me luck, and keep testing that patience!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Part 1: Mission Complete

I finished!!! Okay, not exactly, but I did finish all the original drawings. Now I'm moving on to coloring each one. Following that will be the editing, and then it's totalmente completo, che! Here's just a couple shots with colors I'll be using. Everyone better be wearing helmets, cause this is gonna blow your mind!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Animation update

Thought I'd let everyone know the movie's coming along great. Another day of drawing and I should have enough to begin the editing.
For all those wondering, that little critter in there is indeed Bostode, as she befriends a dog. I hope you're all as excited as I am!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Logan's going animated

That's right. My first fully
animated short, with voice
acting, action, explosions,
car chases, aliens, monster
trucks, cannibals, and left
over chicken.
I'm only showing a few images, before anything's even colored, and will periodically post new drawings up until the final day, where all will witness my genius.


So, it's really boring without her here at work. She's sorta my means of keeping sane. But she's been sick for a few days now, and I haven't really talked with her for like five days now. She better get healthy quick, or I might start conversing with Cindy, and that really would be desperate.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ninjas = I'm better than you

What boy doesn't enjoy watching martial arts?

Edit my non-mouse hand

This came from a late-night movie editing adventure. Birthed from the slow-thinking and delirium that haunts us all when we don't go to bed at a decent hour, it has become my much coveted future logo for whatever business I create. It's crammed with inside jokes, from "Off the Nufk" (Thanks Josh), to the shark talons (Here's looking at you Cherie!) Anyway, hopefully one day you'll see this on the back of some dude's shirt

My valentine's day card

For my dear friend Aubrey, I made her a valentine's card. It was in no way as sweet and thoughtful and precious as the one she gave me, for on mine was a detailed image of an actual human heart. This heart. The inside contained even more graphic drawings which shall not be disclosed to the public. But I love this heart. In fact, no one really knew what it was when they first saw it. I guess not everyone spends their time looking through anatomy books...

My others

So every now and then I end up really feeling the need to express myself emotionally through my drawings. It gets very personal at times, and so with that, very graphic. I'm not apologizing in the least, and in contrast, commend others who do the same. Sometimes I want absolutely no shackles on my mind. Creations of mine normally always end up with something exploding.

I drew this last night after going through a series of emotions and situations. I looked at it afterwards, felt accomplished in my journey, and slept peacefully the entire night.

At times we feel so down, nothing in the world matters. Other times we are as gleeful as the birds and as light as a wisp of cotton. And sometimes I think we all feel like our heads will explode. Only some of us actually picture ourselves doing it. And don't worry onlookers, I'm not suicidal nor violent. I just think splattered blood looks neat.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heating Vents

One day I felt this intense desire to get in touch with my youth again. So I started thinking about things when I was young. I really don't believe I thought this, that there were dragons breathing their hot breath up into my house, and that they were squished into small confined spaces waiting to burst out and eat me, but I DO know I had an extremely active imagination. I DO remember spending hours of my youth under the blankets on the top bunk playing "guns" against "charlie", who at that time I didn't understand why, I had just watched the movie Major Pain one too many times.
I bet some kid out there thought this once though. Now he plays Dungeons and Dragons.

Aubrey verses the Spider

Chimeless Girl

My dear friend Aubrey

So, I know this girl who is really something else. I've come to believe that at least a portion of her thrives on complaining about whatever. Most of the time though, it consists of three things: Boys, her choir class, or her co-worker Cindy. So after some time, I started drawing her in the moment of these "terrible" situations. They've become a great way to pass the hours away at the bank. And Aubs, don't take it personally. You know I love you. And you love the drawings more than anyone.