Friday, December 21, 2007

Honest Abe

My younger sister Tenaya to this day is scared stupid by a mask my family has of an old man. I thought it'd be funny to go with that idea. And possibly, if Tenaya ever sees this, to continue striking fear into her young, under-developed heart.

Broken Flowers

Inspired by lousy relationships
and Willem Dafoe.

Peas and Milk

This drawing I made mainly for my mother, who on many occasions caught me for this very act. She'd often put a tiny hourglass down on the table, and me along with my two older sisters were forced to finish our dinner before the timer ran out.

We moved the food around on the plate to give it the appearance it had been touched, possibly eaten. We found though that the milk worked as a cloaking device for smaller foods. For some reason we didn't have to finish drinking our glasses. We'd have to drink some though, and often, we didn't have enough milk to hide all the food.

Luckily, my mother never caught me shoving bitefuls of food wrapped in napkins into my socks.

Dungeons and Dragons

To be cast out of the out-casts? Now that's just low.

Missing Pencil

This came from the
sit uation most us kids
went through on those
"first days" in grade
school. The excitement,
the mystery, and the


After sunday, seeing how much fun I was having, I decided to keep it up by drawing more while at work. There's plenty of downtime, so I managed to do another four more.

This one I believe comes from my childhood memories of never really having the store-bought, top-of-the-line products some of the other kids had for Halloween. No, no. Instead I wore the same hand-me-downs as my predecessors; the homeless clown, death, a soldier. Once I managed to scrounge enough money to purchase some flesh wound material. I wanted my face to look like blood and hamburger. Unfortunately, that's what it looked like. Hamburger. On my face. I became the Mcdonald's mishap child.


Friar Boss

Lloyd sees something

Inspired by actual events in Argentina. While living there, I found myself occasionally haunted by the following creatures. Plagued with a disease known as "Sarna", the domesticated life-forms prowled the streets in search of sustenance. They were later categorized and documented as "Armadillo Dogs".

Super Hero girl

The idea for this was inspired from an old
Weezer poster I had in my room growing up.

Fight of Dragons

Fighting's always been an American pass-time.
So I thought I'd draw a good ole fashioned fight.
Needless to say, this was my sister's favorite for a while.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


This was the first drawing that started
a series all under the same familiar
tune. I was sitting in church with my
sisters and picked up a pen and drew
this on the back of some random
church announcement. The following
six I all drew this same sunday.

For all you first timers

Yo yo yo! So this is what a blog's like, eh? Well that's just swell. It's about time I post my thoughts, and fortunately for all viewers, most of my thoughts will be given in illustrated form. I'd like it to be known that throughout my childhood I've always drawn in pen. And almost never did I color in my drawings. This is the first time I've convinced myself to color my drawings, so I hope you all like them. Just leave a comment if you'd like my work on any projects or ideas you have. Enjoy!